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About Barry
Born in Bellshill, Scotland in 1975, Barry learned to work with cameras from an early age taking photos of cars and shooting the ever changing landscapes of Scotland and countries further afield while visiting on vacation.

During his teens and early twenties most of his free time revolved around his ice hockey career, which he did for various teams in Scotland, including representing his country at National level.

Barry's working life has revolved around the semiconductor manufacturing industry and this career path has dictated him living in several different countries around the world over the last 24 years.

During the years 2002-2007 Barry was a regular contributor to several automotive magazines in the UK and Europe as well as individual contributions to publications further afield, a small sample of which can be found on the in print page of this website.

The year 2007 became somewhat of a crossover from Automotive photography to Landscape photography, as the amount of travel being dictated by his main job led to him being in other parts of the world throughout the year.

Barry now lives in Aachen, Germany with his wife Mireille, who also enjoys photographing every day life and the landscapes that Germany and other countries have to offer.
Barry O'Neil
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