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* Death Valley Trip - Part 1 - The Night Sky and Early Morning Light

Published by Barry in On Location · 30/11/2014 19:20:44
Tags: death_valleycaliforniaCAnationalparkstarsnightsunrise

I decided to make the most of my final trip to America in 2014 by heading to bed early on Friday evening and setting my alarm for 11pm.  Upon the alarm going off and a quick shower it was off to the car with a bag full of munchies and water as well as my trusty 6D, 17-40mm F4L and Manfrotto tripod.

From my hotel in Sunnyvale to the West entrance of Death Valley it was just shy of 8 hours door to door, and having made the same trip back in 2012 I knew that the area around Mojave up to Red Rock canyon was a great spot for shooting the night sky and the fifty billion stars that seem to hang effortless above the west coast due to the lack of annoying light pollution.

By the time I arrived at Mojave it was already 4am in the morning, meaning the milky way was already on the horizon and leaving me with only a trace of it left to capture.

While firing off a few shots of the night sky in the Northern Mojave desert I caught a glimpse of the ISS (International Space Station) flying overhead at a fair rate of noughts, so a quick re-jig of the tripod position and I was ready to capture it in motion against the night sky.

After capturing several more shots of the night sky it was back into the car and onwards to Death Valley, with around 2 hours or so left to drive, and my hope of arriving at the edge of the valley in time to capture the sunrise.

Thankfully I arrived on the outskirts of the park just in the nick of time for the morning fire in the sky.

Onwards into the park, the morning light bathed the Western side of the National Park in it's hues as the strong wind kept the clouds moving onward at a spritely rate and kicked up dust and sand from the valley floor and threw it hundreds of feet at a time.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my blog report from this trip.

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