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* Daytrip to Grist Mill, Washington

Published by Barry in On Location · 10/11/2014 04:04:43
Tags: gristmilltravelWAwashingtonstateusaamericanaturefallautumn

Last weekend I jumped in the car and took a trip up from Hillsboro in Oregon to visit the old wooden structure which is Grist Mill, located around an hour north of Portland not far off the I-5 in Washington State.

My intention that weekend was to shoot some nice "fall" (that would be autumn for us non-American peeps) photos, with the bushes and trees showing off their greens, yellows, oranges and reds in all their glory.

I was tipped off on Grist Mill be a friend at the customer I was visiting, he's an avid photographer too and some years ago we spent a chilly evening shooting the skyline of Portland together.

Even though I've spent a combined total of well over 18 months in Oregon in the last 5 years, Grist Mill was a new name to me, and that's not easily done as my weekends used to be filled with daytrips to here, there and everywhere.  The looks from the hotel and customer personnel when I'd explain where I'd gone off exploring at the weekend was often filled a look of sheer puzzlement, as more often than not I'd visited somewhere that they didn't even realise existed.

Anyway, back to Grist Mill, I've yet to edit the photos from my trip properly, but for now I've organised a couple of teaser shots to wet your whistle.



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